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Hello and welcome to our story!
I'm Jennifer Vindahl the founder of Little Legends - Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Australian Kelpies.
Our breeding and familyhome are located in the southern part of Sweden.
I'm an exhibitor, trainer and breeder of pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Australian Kelpies.
I have been involved with the dog showing scene for a few years now, but my heart is beating for obedience training, studying dogs in general and especially theese two amazing breeds.
I have been surrounding myself with dogs of various breed types my entire life. My first dog was a Samoyed male called Rickey, he was by my side for a total of 16years. Having Rickey made me realize that my life was always going to involve dogs. I have had Border collies, English bulldog, Mastiffs, and a couple of Rottweilers trough my 32 years with dogs, all of them with different personalities and I have loved every single one of them dearly.
When I got my 10th dog, a pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch in 2014, she stole my heart completely and I have been falling more and more in love with this breed ever since!  In 2020 we added a new breed to our household, the Australian Kelpie!
The purpose of adding a new breed was to take our passion for dog sports to the next level. Petite Legend Fleur de Calva, NYX, is an import from France and she´s out of Italian and Australian bloodlines. We look forward to the future with this amazing girl and have now added yet another Kelpie to our breeding program if all goes according to plan within the next few years. 
Our affix was granted in 2015 and our amount of dogs have grown from 1 dog to a hole bunch of these incredible breeds.
We breed mainly for our self, so we only breed occasionally in a small scale.
Our main goal is to breed typical, healthy, fit for function dogs with a good solid temperament, who will fit just as good in the show rings as in dog sports, and in the couch with a loving family.
If you are interessted in our breeding or have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Take a look around our website, and we hope you enjoy your visit.
Best regards
Jennifer Vindahl


My Dog Related Education:

Certified Breeders Education - Danish Kennel Club.

  • Genetics
  • Reproduction
  • Behavior 1
  • Frames 1 (Danish Kennel Club rules and law)


Certified Breeders Education - Swedish Kennel Club.

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy and movement
  • Mentality
  • Mating & Velping Part 1
  • Mating & Velping Part 2
  • Mating & Velping Part 3
  • Law


Certified Education Dog Behavior - Swedish Kennel Club 

  • The dog's relatives and origin domestication

  • Indigenous Behavior and Experiences

  • Learning and experience

  • Thoughts and emotional life

  • Behavioral heredity

  • Social behavior and flock life

  • Dog language

  • Dog language in relation to people

  • Personality

  • Stress 

  • Behavioral disorders and problems


Approved Examination - Basic Module instructors Education - SBK (Svenska Brukshundklubben)

  • SBK's organization, dressage policy and ethical rules

  • Rules, laws and regulations concerning dog owners

  • The dog's history, nursing and care

  • Dogs' different personalities and racial characteristics

  • Learning Principles and Learning Models

  • Pedagogy, self-knowledge, communication styles, presentation techniques, coaching
    attitude and feedback

  • Practically use the analytical instrument "Who is the dog"

  • Practically use the TSB model (Developed by Kenth Svartberg)


Approved Examination - Instructor General Canine Obedience With Puppy Specialty

- SBK (Svenska Brukshundklubben)

  • The analysis tool "Who is the dog" and practically able to apply it

  • TSB model and practically apply it

  • Learning principles and learning models

  • Problem behaviors and problem solving

  • General obedience all parts and exercises to these

  • Different activation exercises

  • Puppy development stages

  • Learning principles and learning models puppy

  • Different learning styles, group dynamics and conflict management

  • The coaching approach and the importance of providing developing feedback

  • Basic knowledge of SBK's different forms of competition



Approved Examination - Instructor Rally Obidience 

- SBK (Svenska Brukshundklubben)

  • Increasing trainingplans

  • Problem solving

  • Coaching and feedback

  • SBK's policy on dog keeping and our relationship with the dog in education, training and exercise

  • Handling

  • Competition layout and course construction

  • Rules for rally obedience competitions

  • Course planning 



Do to many years of training and general interest in dogs, I have participated actively in many different courses and seminars, so I will just mention some of them here..

  • 2 x Handling course - Gerard O'Shea (SE/IRL)
  • 2 x Handling course FCI Judge - Mikael Nilsson (SE)
  • Handling Course FCI Judge - Githa Jensen (DK)
  • Handling Course FCI Judge - Christine Sonberg (NO)
  • Anatomy Seminar - Gerard O'Shea (SE/IRL)
  • Anatomy Seminar - Swedish kennel club (SE)
  • 3 Days weekend Course Obedience - Helene Lindström (High 5) (SE)
  • 1 Days Seminar Obedience  - Palle Bergsø (DK)
  • 2 Days Weekend Course rallyobedience judge - Ida Lindgren (SE)
  • 2 Days Weekend Course rallyobedience judge - Lone Sommer (DK)
  • 1 Days Seminar "Unwanted Behavior in dogs" - Glen Andersson (Mallekraft - Malmö Polis Hundenhet) (SE)
  • 3 Days Seminar "Dog Behavior Vs. Dog Problems" - Åsa Jakobsson (Kelpiestuds) (SE)
  • Seminar "From Puppy To Working Dog" Efficient And Sustainable Canine Traning - SWDI Sweden (SE)
  • 2 days Course "Obedience Heel-work" - Lea Nor (DK) 
  • 4 Weeks Distance (Online) Seminar "Canine Anatomy and Basic Massage" - Gitte Asmann (DK) 


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Logo little legends - vit balgrund
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