If you become a part of our team

First of all, when you buy or co-own a dog from us, you will become a member on our team of Little Legends.

This means that you are welcome to our home and our support doing the entire lifetime of your four-legged friend.

Because we like to train, compete and show our dogs, we also want our puppy buyers and co-owners to be active with their dogs and intend to work actively and preferably compete!

We are always here for training assistance, we’re organizing joint X-rays, and BPH descriptions for all puppy litters.

We have joint training sessions and camps for our puppy buyers at least once a year, and of course we have lifelong support. 


Before we deliver your puppy he or she will be:

  • Registered in the Swedish Kennel Club
  • ID tagged with chip
  • Dewormed x 4
  • Examined by the veterinarian
  • Received the required vaccines
  • Been eye checked for PHPV.
  • And Insured for hidden-to-the-eye defects for 3 years at Agria.

We arrange:

  • Membership for the owner/co-owner in the swedish Staffordshire Bull Terrier club.
  • Opportunity for X-ray for the entire litter (OFA and PennHIP) at 15 months.
  • BPH description for the entire litter between 12-18 months.
  • Annual training camps with hired instructors.

For those living nearby, we offer ongoing training opportunities and for those who have a bit longer, you are ALWAYS welcome home to us for training or any other kind of support you might need.

Welcome on board!

Thank you for choosing to be part of our team